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Martial Arts Event’s

March 2024 training / seminars dates :

Kali Eskrima Arnis seminar

On Single & double sticks
Long – short range applications/ disarming / footwork.
On Tuesday 5th March
7pm – 10pm
£100 per person

Private lessons one to one :
Wednesday 6th March & Thursday 7th March
From 11am to 2pm
Up to 6 people
£150 per day per person
Location, Reading Berkshire.

Wing chun seminar:

On applications/ form’s / techniques of the first and the Second Wing Chun form’s “Siu Nim Tao- Chum Kiu”

Saturday 9th March
From 11am untill 6pm
For beginners & Advanced practioners
£90 per person

Sunday 10th March from  11am until 5pm
Only advance practitioners

£150 per person
For both Seminars dates
Location, Reading Berkshire.

Limited place !!!
For Information / Book / reserve a place now at: loukas@teamwingchun.co.uk
Fees must be paid in advance to secure places.


15th – 22nd  June 2024 in  Crete island, Greece

For reservation more information  email :  loukas@teamwingchun.co.uk

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