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Master Loukas Kastrounis Wing Chun – Kali Eskrima/ JKD

Combat Skills- Martial Arts

Join the Reading Academy in Berkshire, one of the best training schools with a very good reputation around the world .

Be certified by one of the most recognised Masters in Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima JKD.
Beginners welcome. New applicants Save £60 per month for the first year.

Loukas Kastrounis Wing Chun / Kali Escrima
Elegent – Simple – Efficient – Sophisticated – Direct – Practical

About Us

Learn the sophisticated skills of Chinese wing Chun Kuen kung fu or the Filipino weapons-based martial art Kali Escrima/Arnis for day-to-day protection, to improve health/fitness, and to be able to address your own self-potential. Wing Chun and Kali are both a tool for personal development. And as with continued progression comes increased awareness, creativity, and self-confidence.

 Loukas Kastrounis has been training students since 1992 and welcomes all potential, whether you have trained in another martial art style/ lineage or have absolutely no experience whatsoever. Everyone is invited to a free session and we encourage anyone interested to get in touch to do so.

Wing Chun Kung Fu – Loukas was taught by Nino Bernardo – Wong Shun Leung direct linage to Ip Man.

Kali Escrima/JKD – Loukas was taught by Nino Berardo, Direct linage Dan Inosanto.

Loukas Kastrounis

Founder of the Reading Academy Schools.

Joining the Reading Academy is one of the best thing I have done.

Rated 5 out of 5
8 February 2022

Joining the reading academy is one of the best thing I have done. The team is very friendly and knowledgeable. The school is let by sifu Loukas with genuine wing chun lineage history. The teachers and senior students are very helpful. The trainings are practical and well structured. It is hard work but reward is great. It is open 4 days a week what is uncommon for similar type of school. This provide plenty of flexibility in busy times. Whole experience is far beyond just martial art. For all details of the benefits have look at the school web page.

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